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Shhh.... Here are the secrets to looking GREAT on camera

"I'm SO nervous."

I cannot tell you how many times I've heard that phrase...whether it was an interviewee whispering it to me in confidence before a live shot, a new colleague preparing to anchor a newscast by my side for the first time... even professional athletes who are used to the spotlight, yet still uncomfortable with a mic pointed in his or her direction.

Being nervous is ok...but limiting yourself because of those nerves IS NOT. I was a softball pitcher in high school and I would get nervous before taking the mound EVERY game. My coach loved inspiring her athletes through stories about Micheal Jordan. She had a quote citing the great athlete or a game scenario for every situation we faced. And I will never forget this: Micheal Jordan said, "Being nervous isn't bad, it just means something important is happening." And friends, is true.

It is ok to be nervous. It is healthy to be nervous. It is "normal" to be nervous. But, you can arm yourself with tools to prepare yourself for every situation you encounter. If you are nervous about being on camera, looking the part is half the battle. Here are my tips to looking your best on camera.

Wear MORE makeup!

Ladies, wear more makeup than you would typically wear. You want your features to pop on camera. Guys... you should put a little powder on too! Thanks to technology, every detail is amplified on camera... if your skin is a little oily, it will look very oily on screen. Think of the camera lens as a barrier you want to break through. It creates a divide between you and your audience. You don't want to blend into their want to STAND OUT beautifully! Ladies, put on more lipstick, more blush, thick lashes and start talking.

Avoid the crazy patterns!

Guys, we know you love a good tie...they can be fun and great conversation starters, but when you're doing an interview, recording a video or leading a virtual meeting, you do not want your TIE to be the topic of conversation. Bold colors are great, but crazy patterns are not. Remember, you want people to HEAR your message rather than SEE your outfit. Don't let your outfit steal the show. Ladies, this goes for you too...while wearing something trendy and loud is great at a networking event, when you're presenting important information on screen, you don't want your outfit to take the lead.

Think in thirds!

You don't want to stand in the middle of the screen! In the TV News world, we called it "the rule of thirds." Imagine a grid (like the one pictured below), don't lock yourself dead center the entire time. Standing slighting to the right or left...making sure your eye line is in the upper third of the screen will draw the viewer in. This makes your shot more interesting and appealing.


Time is precious and no matter who your audience is, you should be grateful they are spending their time with you. Let them know you appreciate them by smiling. This is the simplest thing we can all do to let our audiences know we are kind, approachable, relatable, trustworthy and grateful.


That's all the freebies for today. I love ya, but I can't share all of my secrets in one blog ;) Nothing brings me more joy than seeing others succeed. I love sharing stories, arming people with the tools to share theirs and ultimately seeing it all pay off with booming businesses or rewarding missions. If you're feeling nervous about being on camera, uncomfortable or fearful, let me help you. It would be my pleasure! Book a media coaching session to take your brand to the next level.

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